• William Rapai

Using Motus towers for bird research

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Hidden long-distance movements by KWs

Nathan Cooper and Pete Marra, our friends at the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, have a new paper in Current Biology that started out to be one thing and, well, turned into something else. Cooper o

August 2020 Kirtland's Warbler Alliance Newsletter

The coronavirus has changed pretty much everything around us, including this year’s efforts to monitor and manage the Kirtland’s Warbler. But the warblers didn’t seem to mind. The birds arrived on the

Pigeon River Country Gets Wilder

The Michigan DNR has made a 597-acre parcel to Pigeon River Country State Forest in Montmorency County. Some areas of the purchase will be prime Kirtland's Warbler nesting sites. Affectionally referre