We knew they could count on you!

With your help, we did it! We reached our goal of raising $5,000 during the month of December to help support the 2021 Kirtland's Warbler Census. Since 1951, the Kirtland's Warbler Census has been a cornerstone of Kirtland's Warbler conservation. Over the years, data collected from the census absolutely helped to prevent the extinction of the Kirtland's Warbler. 

Even though the Kirtland's Warbler is no longer on the Endangered Species List, population monitoring efforts must continue because the Kirtland's Warbler will continue to rely on human intervention for as far as we can see into the future. 

We are thrilled so many people share our passion for Kirtland's Warbler conservation and we deeply appreciate your support of our efforts. Because of you, we are going to be able to conduct the best, most accurate census ever.


Thank you. We knew they could count on you!

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